General Information

schematic drwings of the creepwer sweeper self sweeping caster

Black oxide Creeper sweeper caster with red wheel Creeper Sweeper self sweeping caster in action
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creeper sweeper caster brush assembly   side view of the caster self sweeping assembly
2-1/2" Creeper Sweeper
Rig Assy.
– zinc plated steel
Brush holder – 20 gauge 304 stainless
Wheel – polyurethane –55 SDH D scale
Axle – zinc plated steel .250" dia.
Swivel – ball bearing double row
Swivel radius – 2.125"
Load Rating – 120 lbs.
Patent No. – 5615450
top schematic view of creeper sweeper self sweeping caster
Creeper Sweeper Casters have been featured in
Hot Rod, Popular Mechanics, and Car Craft magazines.
In addition, they received Honorable Mention
in the Invent Now America contest.

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